60 GHz links

An alignment and aiming attachment for the nRAY
SXTsq Lite60
For use as 60GHz CPE in Point-to-Multipoint setups for connections up to 200m with wAP 60G AP
Cube 60G ac
Individual device that is part of the Wireless Wire KitA high-speed 60 GHz CPE with Gigabit Ethernet and a 5 GHz failover.

Brochure: Cube60Gac.pdf
Cube 60Pro ac
A powerful point-to-point 60 GHz 802.11ay CPE for bridging distances up to 2.4 km.

Brochure: WirelessWireCubePro.pdf
For use as 60GHz CPE in Point -to-Multipoint setups for connections up to 800m with a 60GHz Base Stations, with Gigabit Ethernet port for speeds up to 1Gbps
Cube SA 60Pro ac
A powerful sector antenna to connect multiple 60 GHz devices. Quick and easy networking for all kinds of pop-up events and distances up to 800m.

Brochure: WirelessWireCubePro.pdf
wAP 60Gx3 AP
60 GHz Base Station with Phase array 180° beamforming Integrated antenna, specially designed for Multipoint connections.
Wireless Wire (60GHz)
This amazing kit replaces your Gigabit ethernet cable with a pair of devices that connect to each other over a 60 GHz wireless link : 1 Gbps full duplex without cables !
Wireless Wire Cube Pro
A preconfigured kit of two Cube 60Pro ac (802.11ay 60 GHz) devices: the Wireless Wire Cube Pro. Just point the Cubes at one another and power them on. They will form a blazing fast encrypted wireless connection. Pure plug-and-play

Brochure: WirelessWireCubePro.pdf
Wireless Wire nRAY
The most compact wireless 2 Gb/s aggregate link in the 1500 m range or more! Improved snow-resistant design is perfect for harsh weather environments. Cables can no longer limit you!
Wireless Wire Dish (60GHz)
The Wireless Wire Dish is a ground breaking solution which offers Fiber speed and quality on distances up to 1500m for a fraction of the price : 2 Gb/s aggregate link up to 1500m+ without cables !