AZURTEM invites you to discover its training courses which will prepare you for Mikrotik certifications, which bring all the necessary knowledge to master the platforms and network equipment of the MikroTik brand most used in companies.

Our training courses aim to provide you with the knowledge necessary for the configuration, administration, supervision, troubleshooting and maintenance of your company's network infrastructures and applications through numerous labs and practical work. Whatever your level of knowledge in the field, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find the training adapted to your objectives.

Obtain a Mikrotik certification by following a training course with AZURTEM.

Depending on your expectations and needs, choose the MikroTik training course best suited to your level. Here are the 4 training courses, over 2 to 3 days, that will allow you to access an official MikroTik certification, from the simplest to the most difficult.

MTCNA Training - First Level

Familiarize yourself with the network administrator's job by learning how to provide basic services in a company with the MikroTik MTCNA 3-day training. This module covers all aspects of network administration: routing, bridges, firewall, QoS, secure tunnels and command files.

MTCWE Training - Wireless Networks

Choose MikroTik MTCWE 2-day training to deepen your knowledge, including how to service a mid-sized network.

MTCRE Training - Routing with OSPF

To learn advanced OSPF routing methodologies and techniques when you already have good basic knowledge, the MikroTik MTCRE 3-day training is perfectly suited. Routing, LAN connectivity, firewall, fiber optics, firewall, VPN, VLAN, OSPF... Our trainings provide you with the knowledge you need to obtain the MikroTik certification you are interested in!

The MTCRE certification requires the MTCNA to be obtained beforehand.

MTCINE Training - Advanced BGP Routing and MPLS Labeling

If you already have an advanced level, discover the BGP protocol, MPLS labeling with this module, the highest level of training at MikroTik available with the MikroTik MTCINE 3-day training.

The MTCINE certification requires the MTCRE to be obtained beforehand.

What are the benefits of MikroTik training ?

Following a MikroTik professional training with AZURTEM will allow you to :

  • Acquire a certification recognized by the profession in your sector
  • Develop your skills in order to become an actor of your professional evolution.
  • Acquire recognition of your network skills within your company
  • Increase your employability to make you more ambivalent

Improves the quality of your work and your ability to adapt
Mikrotik Certified Network Associate
Are you looking to improve your knowledge in computer networks? You want to learn RouterOS and better understand the Routerboards range of devices?
The MTCNA is designed to familiarize students with the RouterOS system and RouterBoard products.
PDF Download: MTCNA Program Outline
MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer
The MTCRE covers the basics and technique of routing, VPN, OSPF. Participants will learn more about MikroTik's routing capability.
An MTCNA certificate is required in order to attend this course.
PDF Download: MTCRE Program Outline
MikroTik Certified Inter-Networking Engineer
The MTCINE focuses on the design of networks consisting of interconnections between Autonomous Systems (AS) using the BGP protocol, as well as the deployment of MPLS/VPLS networks.
MTCNA and MTCRE certificates are required in order to attend this course.
PDF Download: MTCINE Program Outline
MikroTik Certified Network Security Engineer
The MTCSE is a training course focused on network security with an emphasis on protection against malicious attacks.
An MTCNA certificate is required in order to attend this course.
PDF Download: MTCSE Program Outline
MikroTik Certified Network IPv6 Engineer
The MTCIPv6E has been designed to familiarize students with IPv6 addressing under RouterOS
An MTCNA certificate is required in order to attend this course.
PDF Download: MTCIPv6e Program Outline