Mikrotik Wireless

MikroTik offers a comprehensive range of wireless networking products tailored to various use cases and environments. Their wireless product offering includes routers, access points, antennas, and wireless adapters, all designed to provide reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity.

Wireless network: a very advantageous solution

Wireless networks offer numerous benefits compared to traditional wired networks, providing greater flexibility, mobility, and convenience. Here are some key advantages of wireless networks:

One of the most significant benefits of wireless networks is mobility. Users can access the network and internet from anywhere within the coverage area without being tethered to a specific location by cables. This allows for greater flexibility in device placement and movement within homes, offices, or public spaces.

Wireless networks are relatively easy to set up and deploy compared to wired networks, as they eliminate the need for running cables and installing physical network infrastructure. This makes wireless networks particularly suitable for temporary installations, remote locations, or situations where wiring is impractical or costly.

Wireless networks can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for purchasing and installing Ethernet cables, connectors, and other networking hardware. Additionally, wireless networks can scale more easily and cost-effectively than wired networks, as new devices can be added to the network without the need for additional cabling.

Wireless networks offer greater flexibility and scalability compared to wired networks. They can easily accommodate changes in network layout, device placement, and user requirements without the constraints imposed by physical cables. This makes wireless networks ideal for environments that require frequent reconfiguration or expansion.

Wireless networks enable access to network resources and the internet from a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, and other mobile devices. This accessibility promotes collaboration, productivity, and connectivity in various settings, from homes and offices to public spaces and educational institutions.

Wireless networks enhance productivity by allowing users to stay connected and access network resources from anywhere within the coverage area. This facilitates collaboration, communication, and information sharing among users, leading to increased efficiency and workflow optimization.

Modern wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), offer improved scalability and reliability compared to previous generations. They can support a larger number of connected devices simultaneously, provide higher data transfer rates, and offer better performance in congested or high-density environments.

Reliable wireless products for your wireless network

MikroTik offers a range of indoor and outdoor wireless access points that provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage for homes, businesses, public spaces, and outdoor deployments. These APs support features such as dual-band operation, multiple SSIDs, captive portal authentication, wireless mesh networking, and seamless roaming.

CAPsMAN controller

MikroTik's wireless controller, CAPsMAN (Controlled Access Point Manager), enables centralized management and configuration of multiple wireless access points from a single interface. This simplifies the deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of large-scale wireless networks and allows for seamless roaming and load balancing between APs.


MikroTik offers a selection of high-gain antennas and antenna kits designed to enhance the range, coverage, and performance of wireless networks. These antennas are available in different form factors, including omni-directional, sector, and directional antennas, to suit different deployment scenarios and applications.

MantBox antennas typically feature an all-in-one design that integrates the antenna, enclosure, radio and router into a single unit. This makes them easy to deploy and reduces the need for additional mounting hardware or enclosures.

Mant antennas feature a modular design that separates the antenna and enclosure from the radio and router module. This allows for more flexibility in deployment and enables users to choose their preferred radio module or wireless technology based on their specific requirements, such as frequency band, wireless standard, transmission power, and supported features.


MikroTik offers a comprehensive range of LTE (Long-Term Evolution) products designed to provide wireless broadband connectivity using cellular networks. These products are particularly useful in scenarios where wired internet infrastructure is unavailable, unreliable, or impractical. MikroTik's LTE product lineup includes routers, interfaces, antennas, and accessories, catering to various deployment scenarios and requirements. 

MikroTik also offer wireless solutions leveraging 5G technology for applications such as wireless backhaul, point-to-point links, and network infrastructure deployments. These solutions provide high-speed wireless connectivity and support advanced features for network optimization and performance.


MikroTik's 60GHz wireless range of products offer reliable high-speed wireless connections between two locations, providing reliable connectivity for applications such as building-to-building links, wireless backhaul, and high-speed data transfer.

These products typically operate in the unlicensed 60GHz frequency band, commonly referred to as WiGig (Wireless Gigabit), offering multi-gigabit data rates over short distances.

U.FL(F) to U.FL(F) IPX extension cable (10cm)
Basic wall mount adapter for small point to point and sector antennas
An advanced pole/mast mount adapter for the LDF series – for extra ease of use and versatility.
An alignment and aiming attachment for the nRAY
U.FL to RP-SMA female pigtail (15cm)
MMCX to RP-SMA(F) pigtail (15cm)
N-Type(F) to MMCX(M) pigtail (15cm)
quickMOUNT pro
Advanced wall mount adapter for small point to point and sector antennas