Mikrotik Wireless

In this category, you will find a wide range of products allowing the configuration of your wireless network. Some of them come from MikroTik, a manufacturer of computer network equipment that is highly prized by the most demanding customers.

Wireless network: a very advantageous solution

Thanks to the wireless network, the user can stay connected while moving around in a more or less extended perimeter. As an alternative to wired networks, the performance of a wireless network makes it possible to support various applications and to anticipate future installations. The wireless network also allows users to define a parameter in which the same network will be able to communicate with devices in the surrounding area. If you wish to configure your wireless network, you will find in our catalog various products allowing you to do so without difficulty.

Reliable wireless products for setting up your wireless network

Thanks to the wireless equipment presented in this category, you will be able to configure your wireless network and thus generate a long distance connection or 3G or 4G access points: antenna and cord attachments, 60 GHz link, antennas and wireless panels, cAP and wAP... Our range of products is very wide. You will also find MikroTik brand items that will allow you to set up your wireless network simply and quickly.

Configure your wireless access point with MikroTik products

Setting up your wireless network with a MikroTik product is a multi-step process that requires specific hardware. By respecting these conditions, you will be able to benefit from a good quality, reliable and high-performance network. Professionals, even the most demanding, do not hesitate to use products of this brand from Latvia. This specialist in computer network equipment sells reliable and powerful products for a good quality wireless network. If the MikroTik brand interests you and if you wish to use its products, the Azurtem site offers several effective solutions to configure your wireless network. According to your needs, filter your search according to the item you are looking for and/or the price. In a few clicks, you will be able to find the MikroTik product you need for your configuration. Need more information? Simply click on a product and take a look at all its technical specifications and the opinions of other buyers.

U.FL(F) to U.FL(F) IPX extension cable (10cm)
Basic wall mount adapter for small point to point and sector antennas
awaiting new stock
An advanced pole/mast mount adapter for the LDF series – for extra ease of use and versatility.
An alignment and aiming attachment for the nRAY
U.FL to RP-SMA female pigtail (15cm)
MMCX to RP-SMA(F) pigtail (15cm)
N-Type(F) to MMCX(M) pigtail (15cm)
quickMOUNT extra
Advanced wall mount adapter for large point to point and sector antennas