Mikrotik Switches

Are you looking for a switch to equip your IT installation? You want to improve the quality of your network with a network switch? Discover all the switches available on the Azurtem online store, specialist in the maintenance of computer systems and networks.

What is the purpose of an Ethernet switch?

An Ethernet switch comes in the form of a box and can multiply the number of Ethernet ports available for a computer network. For companies or for home networks, there are a large number of devices that require a wired connection to have a better speed or to limit untimely cuts or even drops in speed related to a Wifi connection. The computer switch connects directly to a router in order to interconnect several networks or simply to connect the local network to the Internet. It is the equivalent of a power strip, but for a computer network.

Which Ethernet switch to choose?

From the simplest for a home network with a few very standard ports to very complex and manageable Ethernet and fibre optic switches with high performance ports, you will have the choice among many models to meet your needs for your home, your office or even in a Datacenter.

SwOS Switches or MikroTik Switches

SwOS switches are network switches that work with the SwOS operating system. It is used to configure and administer a MikroTik switch. The configuration allows you to manage port-to-port forwarding, to configure virtual networks (VLAN), or to limit bandwidth .

Fibre Switches

Fibre switches achieve excellent performance through fibre optics. Indeed, a fibre switch can have a speed up to 10, 40 and even 100 Gb/s. This very high speed is made possible thanks to lastest technologies. RJ45 ports are often replaced by SPF or SPF+ ports.</h3>fiber

PoE switches

A Poe (Power over Ethernet) switch is a switch that has one or more PoE-compatible ports. A PoE port allows you to power a device with both power and connection with a single cable, saving time and money. It is possible to power compatible equipment such as a telephone, a camera, a Wifi access terminal, payment terminal...

Cloud Router Switches - CRS

The Cloud Router Switches - CRS - are excellent switches of the Mikrotik brand and benefit from the design quality of this specialized manufacturer. All the features you would expect in these switches are available through the RouteurOS, or SwOS, operating system, depending on your needs and preferences. The connection to the Internet can be made via Ethernet or fibre depending on the model.

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