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Are you searching for a professional quality router? You want to acquire a router for your apartment, house or business? Discover the wide choice of computer routers on Azurtem, online store specialized in the maintenance of computer systems and networks.

Why buy a computer router?

The computer router is a device that allows you to manage a network of several devices connected to it. The internet router will therefore provide a means of communication between different devices on the network, but also provide an internet connection to the devices. It makes transit data packets from one network to another and distributes the connection in a way that makes the use more fluid and faster. Depending on your needs and the number of devices to be connected, you will have to choose a more or less powerful model, or one with particular functionalities. If the router is equipped with a Wifi interface, the interconnection can also be done with wireless stations.

Which router to choose?

There are several types of computer routers that meet your needs and your IT structure. Azurtem offers you a choice of quality for each of these routers.

The Ethernet router - wired router

An Ethernet router or wired router connects directly to a computer via an RJ45 Ethernet cable. When the Ethernet router is connected to a modem, ADSL or Fibre for example, then it allows to connect a local network to the Internet. The other ports of the wired router can be used to connect other computers and thus transfer data to them. In this topology all computers in the local network share a common public IP address.

The Cloud Core Router (CCR)

A Cloud Core router is a router designed for business and industry. It is a very high performance router that offers the best result on the market. The ports of these routers are generally in Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet. Many models also include SFP and/or SFP+ ports to take advantage of fiber optic links.

The PoE router - Power over Ethernet router

The POE (Power over Ethernet) router is a very practical technology. It allows you to use an RJ45 (Ethernet) cable to supply power to equipment such as video surveillance cameras, VoIP phones, Wifi access points, or even connected PoS terminals and cash registers. This simplifies administration and also reduces installation costs because only one cable is needed to supply a device with data and power.

The wireless router - Wifi router

A wireless router or a Wifi router makes it possible to connect devices via Wifi in addition to the traditional Ethernet ports. The router centralizes the needs of the connected devices to forward the necessary data packets. The devices can communicate with each other via the Wifi router.

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