Netbox & NetMetal (RP-SMA)

BaseBox 5
5Ghz integrated AP/Backbone/CPE, 2xRPSMA connectors, miniPCI-e slot, Gigabit Ethernet
NetBox 5 ax
Powerful dual-chain outdoor device that can fill multiple roles: AP/CPE/Point-to-point. PoE-in, DC jack, Gigabit Ethernet, durable outdoor enclosure, modern dual-core ARM CPU, Wi-Fi-6 5GHz wireless.

Brochure: NetBox 5 ax
NetMetal 5
Dual chain 5GHz integrated 802.11a/n/ac AP/Backbone/CPE with an additional miniPCI-e slot, 2xRPSMA connectors, Gigabit Ethernet, waterproof metal enclosure
NetMetal 5SHPn
Wireless dual chain 5GHz integrated 802.11ac AP/Backbone/CPE, 2xRPSMA connectors, high TX power, Gigabit Ethernet, waterproof metal enclosure
NetMetal ax
Mikrotik's toughest long-range outdoor access point

Brochure: NetMetal ax