TOF-2400-8V-4 Omni antenna
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TOF-2400-8V-4 Omni antenna

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A 2.4 GHz 8 dBi Omni Antenna for the wAP LR2 kit. This antenna can also be used with any device equipped with a  2.4 GHz interface.

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€39.58 Tax excluded

€39.58 Tax excluded

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Working with the wAP LR2 kit or similar setups? For extra network coverage (up to 3-4km in the line of sight), Mikrotik suggest adding an external 8dBi Omni antenna : the TOF-2400-8V-4.

This antenna can also be used with any 2.4 GHz devices. Not only it works with the 2.4 GHz LoRa® connectivity, it also supports the regular 2.4 GHz WLAN.

It comes with a 1m long SMA cable and a mechanical holder for quick and easy mast attachment – when you need that extra network coverage. Compact size and increased durability without sacrificing the power – this antenna will get the job done.

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